Six Things Your Horse Really Wants for Christmas

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Six Things Your Horse Really Wants for Christmas

Besides a warm and comfortable stall, what else do you think your horse wants for Christmas? This holiday season, give your riding buddy a special gift that he can’t resist! Here are six (6) Christmas treats that will surely leave a smile on his face.

Saddle Pad

Don’t just give him any ordinary saddle pad. Make the most of the season by gifting him with a thermal soothing saddle pad that fits his back. If you want him to be 100% comfortable during the ride, then try to get the high-quality saddle pad that he can wear all day.

Minty Treat

A great gift that your riding pal will surely appreciate is a minty treat. Mints are tasty delights for horses that are beneficial to their lungs and digestive tract. Also, they come with astringents that are good for skin healing. Your horse would love mints just as he loves you.

Mud-Free Paddock

No horse would want a muddy paddock for Christmas! Mud can pose safety and health risks like sliping, rushes, scratches, and falls, so make sure his paddock is as dry and clean as your home.

Day Off

With the busy holidays, you may forget about giving your horse some time off. Just this Christmas, give him rest from your regular riding routine or training schedule. He might not say it, but your horse also wants some time to slack off and enjoy a day without doing anything.

Homemade Horse Treats

Why not make your horse some homemade food? This way, you’re sure that your riding pal’s dietary needs are met—plus, you know exactly what’s getting into their system. Apple sauce, cinnamon-soaked feed, or an oak flapjack is surely a healthy treat that he can indulge all day.

Christmas Accessories

Let your horse feel the Christmas cheer by dressing him with a festive fashion like a Santa-inspired head collar or any Christmas-themed accessories that will bring out the good vibe in him. Nothing could be more special than having him in mind while you’re shopping for Christmas decorations for your home. Buy one for him and you’ll definitely win his heart!

When thinking of a special Christmas gift for your horse, you can consider these things listed above.  From all of us at Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead!

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Holiday Chill and Caring For Your Horse

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Holiday Chill and Caring For Your Horse

Just like any four-legged animal, horses should cope with anything the weather throws at them. As an owner, your task is to give them extra care and attention to help them stay in good condition.

Check out these horse care tips that will keep your riding companion healthy, cozy, and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Give Him Adequate Shelter

As long as your horse is appropriately sheltered and well-fed, he can survive through the cold season. The truth is—the cold weather doesn’t generally make him uncomfortable. What he can’t tolerate is moisture and wind, so your horse needs a structural shelter to protect him from these elements and increase his tolerance against extreme weather.

Adjust His Calorie Diet Plan

Your horse needs more calories during winter—and it’s not a joke! Horses require an adequate amount of calories to keep their bodies warm in the colder months than any other time of the year. Their winter diet should include high-quality hay to keep them active and strong.

Check His Daily Water Intake

Did you know that horses need more water in the cold months? Generally, they need 10 to 12 gallons of water per day to prevent colic and dehydration. If your horse doesn’t take enough water, he’ll eat less—making him more vulnerable to cold and sickness. Make sure to provide him with a constant source of fresh and clean water.

Blanket Him Consistently

Blanketing your horse is a great way to keep him dry and warm—no matter what the cold weather brings. But, it doesn’t end there! You need to constantly monitor your horse while lurking under the blanket because moisture may develop, which can lead to a bacterial skin disease.

Don’t Confine Your Horse—Exercise Together!

Physical exercise on horses shouldn’t stop just because it’s winter. It’s actually the time where you should take him out for some leg work as often as possible. Confining him can only stock up his lower leg. If you’re taking him out for a ride, remember to take caution in areas with deep and heavy snow to avoid tendon injuries.

Trim Those Hooves!

In the winter, horse hooves are prone to snowballs and ice, which increases the chances of falling and slipping. Too heavy ice on the hoof also causes stress to the joints and tendons of your horse. See to it that those hooves are regularly trimmed for your horse’s safety.

The winter may bring so many challenges for your horse to stay fit and active. But with your love and care, he’ll go through the chilly season comfortably and healthy. Stay tuned to us at Texas Made Cattle & Horse for more exciting tips on horse care. Contact us for more information!